Top-rated skills for graduates – Soft Skills are vital!

A recent survey reported in the FinancialTimes revealed the five skills rated as most important by leading employers. The FT MBA Skills Gap survey seeks to provide a snapshot of the skills in demand - and those that are hard to find - in MBA graduates.

Top-rated skills for graduates – Soft Skills are vital!     B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School Lucerne     Top-rated skills for graduates of the B.H.M.S.

In general, they are looking for team-building and problem-solving skills from MBA graduates. They are less concerned with economic knowledge, languages or programming skills.
Soft Skills are at the top of this list and they are vital not just for the hospitality industry.

Soft-skills are important for your career - B.H.M.S. Lucerne

At B.H.M.S., every student has the opportunity to learn soft skills. The Hospitality courses focus on customer experience and develop such important skills as critical-thinking, communication and the ability to work in a team. Besides, the fast-track courses include paid training experiences. During this time, the students will practice the theory learned in the class, deal with new situations and learn how to quickly adapt to them and solve problems.

B.H.M.S. Lucerne - Soft-skills are important for your career

Cultural awareness was also indicated by the employers, as one of the most important abilities they expect to find in the candidates. The B.H.M.S. students have an edge on that since they come from more than 75 different countries, ranging in ages from 18 to 30, and are taught by lecturers of 22 nationalities. They develop the ability to work with a variety of people and the knowledge and acceptance of other cultures.

This survey is a proof that the right combination of hard and soft skills is what determines if a candidate fits or not for the job. Therefore, encouraging the students to develop the soft skills during the studies is part of our commitment at B.H.M.S..

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