Visit Switzerland - The Rhein Falls!

There is no other waterfall in Europe bigger than the Rheinfall ---> and this is a record!

A trip to the rock, a round trip in the river basin or a leisurely cruise to Rheinau are simple unforgettable experiences which visitors enjoy when they visit the Rhein Falls!
And as part of the student activities, our students have the opportunity to enjoy the unique and fabulous Rhine Falls which are an amazing spectacle!

 B.H.M.S. Students visit Switzerland - The Rhein Falls   The Rhein Falls - B.H.M.S. Students visit Switzerland   Visit Switzerland - The Rhein Falls - B.H.M.S.            
The Rhine Falls were formed in the last ice age, approximately 14,000 to 17,000 years ago, by erosion-resistant rocks narrowing the riverbed. There is a rock in the middle of the falls and this is one of the highlights in the Rhine Falls and our students always have the chance to ride a boat, climb up the rock and admire one of the highlights of this excursion!

B.H.M.S. Students visit The Rhein Falls   The Rhein Falls - Visit Switzerland   Visit Switzerland - B.H.M.S. Students - The Rhein Falls           

From the pier at Schlössli Wörth the experienced captain steers the narrow boat through wild, churning waters, moors in the middle of the Rhine Falls and lets the passengers disembark and ascend the rock. There is the unforgettable panorama, surrounded by up to 700,000 litres of water per second!

There is always something new to learn about the Rhein Falls.  You can learn about both peculiar and interesting facts and hear all about the remarkable history of bygone days till today. 

The Rhein Falls in Laufen-Uhwiesen Switzerland   Laufen-Uhwiesen - The Rhein Falls    B.H.M.S. Students at Rhein Falls Switzerland

A visit at the largest waterfall in Europe can give you the opportunity to learn about interesting facts such as: 

  • the creation and geology of the Rhine Falls
  • the cavities in the tooth and why the Rhine Fall rocks are still standing today
  • the Rhine Falls, the final station of migratory fish
  • the castle maiden
  • early trading at the Rhine Falls
  • the start of industry at the Rhine Falls and more!

If you didn’t go till now,how about considering the idea to visit the Rhein Falls in Switzerland soon?

Do you want to see more of our students’ adventures in Switzerland?

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