Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts

The third and final year, leading to a Bachelor in Culinary Arts, builds on students’ existing culinary competencies and experience to deepen and hone practical, leadership and business skills. Highlights of this third year program include inter-disciplinary management of food service operations, including customer service, resource planning and management. New product development, molecular cuisine, technology applications and managing teams in the kitchen labs additionally provide capstone learning in a variety of skill areas, before students progress to their final industry placement and graduate positions.

Admission Requirement:

  • B.H.M.S. Higher Diploma or equivalent
  • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent


    Course FeeApplication FeeShared Standard Accom. 1Meals PlanOperating Expenses2Total Fee CHF
    Bachelor Degree Hospitality/Business or Culinary
    1st Year Diploma24'1005003'6001'8002'50032'500
    2nd Year Higher Diploma25'1005003'6001'8002'50033'500
    3rd Year Bachelor Degree26'1005003'6001'8002'50034'500
    M.SC. Dual Degree
    M.Sc. Dual Degree26'1005003'6001'8002'50034'500
    MBA Dual Degree
    MBA Dual Degree29'1005003'6001'8002'50037'500
    Combined M.Sc. - MBA Degrees
    Combined M.Sc. 42'5005005'4002'7003'00054'000
    Postgraduate Diploma Hospitality or Culinary
    PGD Hospitality/Culinary25'1005003'6001'8002'50033'500
    Graduate Certificate
    Graduate Certificate15'700-1'80090050018'900
    English Program
    Preparatory English5'600-1'8009005008'800