Frequently asked questions

Do you require an official English test to enroll at B.H.M.S.?

Not necessarily, only if required by the Swiss Embassy to apply for a study visa to Switzerland. In such a case, applicants may take an online test at (level one) which they will need to send the results directly to B.H.M.S. as we are a registered institution under this online placement test.

How many students are there per class?

There are around 20-30 students per class. Smaller classes mean that the teaching staff has more time to dedicate to students.

Will I need my own laptop?

Although this is not compulsory at B.H.M.S., we recommend that you should bring your own laptop. Degree courses require this, and it is undoubtedly useful for completing assignments. There are docking stations in our computer room where you can use your own laptop to access our network.

Do I have Internet access?

Yes! Internet access is included in the fees at B.H.M.S.! Currently, access is through Wi-Fi as well as through our computer room, which is conveniently located in the residence building. The computer room is open until 23:00 every evening.

Is it possible to live out of the B.H.M.S. student residences?

You can do this only after residing in your first academic semester (approx. 6 months) at the B.H.M.S. student residence. You can then rent an apartment on your own. Please check with B.H.M.S. Student Services for further information.

Can I work part-time while I am studying?

While it is illegal for students requiring a visa for Switzerland to carry out a part-time job during their six months per year in school, the B.H.M.S. programs give you the opportunity to work full-time for 4-6 months in every year. This means you will earn around CHF 13'000 gross salary per academic year!

Will the school assist me in finding Industry Training in Switzerland?

B.H.M.S. employs a full-time Industry Training Co-ordinator to support your job search. With acceptable academic performance, attendance and professional behavior, you will be entitled to this service.

Will the school assist me in finding job placement after completing my education in Switzerland?

Absolutely! B.H.M.S. works with numerous international placement agencies, which specialize in placing graduate students in Europe, Asia, and North America. Higher Diploma in Hotel Management, at least one internship period in a Swiss hotel or restaurant and very good communication and language abilities are essential ingredients for successful placement.

Are the course materials included in the school fees?

Yes. B.H.M.S. fees include the lease of all course materials needed which must be returned in good condition after the completion of the studies.

What do the total school fees include?

Total school fees include tuition, the use of all course materials, accommodation in a 2-bed room and your meals at our school's restaurant for a period of maximum 24 weeks per year, access to our computer room and the internet, access to our library facilities, excursions and mandatory health insurance for 12 months.

Do I need to make full payment in advance?

No. You only need to make the initial payment to start your enrolment process. Balance amount needs to be paid after visa granting and before leaving for Switzerland. Please contact your B.H.M.S. marketing director or the B.H.M.S. representative to learn about the amount required to start your enrolment process.

How can I get a student visa for Switzerland?

To be granted a student visa to Switzerland you must satisfy the student visa requirements as published at the nearest Swiss Embassy or consulate at your hometown.

You may contact the B.H.M.S. authorized representative in your hometown to assist you during the visa application process. For more information about Swiss representatives around the world please visit:


How long does it take to get a student visa for Switzerland?

8 to 12 weeks for non-European Union states or 4 to 8 weeks for European Union states.

What happens if my visa gets rejected?

In case of visa rejection for any legitimate reason, you will be entitled to a refund of your initial payment and all paid fees minus CHF400 for administration fees. The refund will be made two weeks upon receiving the official visa rejection from the Swiss authorities.

How many intakes are there per year for the Diploma, Higher Diploma & Postgraduate diploma semesters?

8 times a year; January, February, April, May, July, August, September or October, and November

How many intakes are there per year for the BA Semester?

2 times a year; February & August

If I get sick, is there somebody to assist me with a doctor visit?

Our student counselor is available for any personal or medical assistance required. If needed, he/she will arrange a doctor visit for you.

Do I have to wear a uniform at B.H.M.S.?

Instead of a formal uniform, the B.H.M.S. students are expected to wear a business dress which they can bring from their home country. This consists of a dark suit, with a shirt and tie for our male students and for the ladies, dark pants or skirt with a blouse and a jacket, and dark closed shoes. In winter, it is, of course, possible to add a warm sweater!

For restaurant classes, students should wear black pants or skirts (black tights with skirts) and white shirts or blouses. Black ties and black shoes for gentlemen. Culinary students receive a uniform in order to be able to attend the kitchen lab.

Which airport should I book my flight to?

We only arrange airport pick-up for new students at Zurich Airport.

Should I buy a one-way or return ticket?

It is possible to purchase a one-way ticket, but it may be more cost-effective to buy a return ticket with an open date.