B.H.M.S. Mission

As part of the Benedict Education Group, B.H.M.S. offers a range of business, hospitality and culinary programs that are adapted to today's needs.

Our mission is to provide meaningful academic and vocational training programs that are tailored to the needs of participants and the requirements of the global workplace. To fulfil this mission, we:

  • promote self-responsible, goal-oriented learning. Learning materials, learning activities and assessments are geared to the professional  and personal development of learners.
  • use different forms of teaching in order to effectively convey content in a way that is suitable for participants from a wide range of international education backgrounds.
  • employ qualified and committed lecturers who bring a wide range of experience to the learning environment.
  • convey traditional Swiss values such as punctuality, cleanliness, reliability and friendliness through our personal conduct.
  • maintain political and religious neutrality to provide an open and inclusive environment in which both staff and students are free to express themselves.
  • promote engagement with principles of sustainability in the use of natural resources and personal responsibility.