A Grand Commencement Ceremony for the B.H.M.S. Graduates!

And so the adventure begins…

B.H.M.S. celebrated with its students, their families and friends the second Graduation Ceremony in 2017!
On December 10th 2017, the iconic location of the Culture and Convention Centre (KKL) in Lucerne hosted the Master, Graduate Certificate, PGD, Bachelor and MBA B.H.M.S.’ graduates.

 A Grand Commencement Ceremony for the B.H.M.S. Graduates!    B.H.M.S. celebrated with its students 2017    B.H.M.S. Graduation Ceremony in 2017

Everyone will agree that the graduation day is a significant event as in that day students finish their study career and obtain the diplomas or degrees which certify them as professionals.

We know well that our students put a lot of effort and dedication to achieve the goal of completing their studies and manage to turn their ‘cannots’ into ‘cans’ and their dreams into plans!

Graduation Ceremony - B.H.M.S. 2017    Graduation Ceremony - December 10th 2017 - B.H.M.S    B.H.M.S. Graduation Ceremony December 2017 
B.H.M.S. Graduation Ceremony 2017 - Culture and Convention Centre (KKL) Lucerne    B.H.M.S. Graduation Ceremony 2017 - KKL Lucerne    B.H.M.S. Graduation Ceremony 2017 - Culture and Convention Centre KKL Lucerne    
Second Graduation Ceremony 2017 - Business and Hotelmanagement School Lucerne    B.H.M.S. Lucerne - Second Graduation Ceremony in 2017    B.H.M.S. Lucerne - York St. John University 

We are happy that the graduates’ families from all over the world also had the opportunity to participate in that inspiring ceremony and all enjoyed a cocktail party, as well as  the breathtaking view of lake Lucerne and the Christmas city lights.

We want to congratulate all our graduates for achieving this milestone in their life and hope this is only the beginning of many accomplishments!

Keep dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people… the best is yet to come!

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