02.11.2023 - Success Stories

From a 17-Year-Old's Leap of Faith to Thriving in Hong Kong

From a 17-Year-Old's Leap of Faith to Thriving in Hong Kong

After graduating from B.H.M.S. in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management, Wallace Wong was offered the position of Assistant Membership Services Manager at the Hong Kong Jockey Club in Hong Kong, China.

Wallace set out into the world of  hospitality at a young age: "My journey started when I was 17 years old, when I left home for the first time to study at B.H.M.S.. Change can be difficult and challenging at times, yet all of these challenges are what I'm most fond of. I had no idea what I was going to come across, living and working in an environment with people from all over the globe, and I certainly felt challenged by that uncertainty.”

“The world-renowned Sir Richard Branson once said, ‘You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and by falling over.’ The world and working environments change constantly, so being able to adapt to change is essential.”

Wallace notes how this change so early on taught him to adapt to diversity and to acquire important skills like communication and problem-solving, “Which comes in handy in my current job in one of the biggest companies in Hong Kong. All I can say now is that I wouldn’t want anything to be different, and I’m just grateful for every step of this journey. I guess it's supposed to be hard - if it were easy, everyone would do it!"

While challenge and change foster growth, Wallace acknowledges the importance of support along the way; “ I am grateful for my time at B.H.M.S., where I was fortunate  to have had the right mentor and support to keep me going. B.H.M.S. has given me not only textbook knowledge and industry experience, but also skills to enter brand-new territories.”

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