My experience as a Culinary Arts student at B.H.M.S.

Stefan Corbie, from Trinidad and Tobago, came to Switzerland to study Culinary Arts. He chose the city of Lucerne and B.H.M.S., to build a foundation for his dream career.

Read his testimonial about his experience completing a Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts at B.H.M.S.

Culinary Arts Student at B.H.M.S. Lucerne

Why did you choose B.H.M.S. for your studies?

"Switzerland is synonymous worldwide with the standard of excellence in hospitality studies. I believe that a Swiss degree would be the ideal foundation for me to build my career on. From the moment I applied, I felt that I was already part of the B.H.M.S. family because I received a lot of information from the friendly responsible managers who assisted me during my application process."

Tell us about your experience of living in Switzerland.

"Living in Switzerland was an enriching experience for me and no doubt it was the most important decision I have made for my professional career so far.
During the first year of studies, I was exposed to a new culture which I admire and respect. I also received strong and in-depth knowledge in the kitchen."

How was the relationship with classmates, staff and lecturers? How would you describe your experience of studying in a multicultural school?

"The multicultural environment is something I highly value at B.H.M.S. The lecturers, staff members and students who come from different countries contribute to a vibrant and intriguing study environment."

How did you enjoy your free time during term breaks, holidays and weekends?

"I spent most of my free time playing football with friends, exploring Luzern, Zurich, Nidwalden and other parts of Switzerland, as well as I loved clubbing occasionally. I also tried to get the opportunity to travel as much as I could during the term breaks."

Stefan Corbie studies Culiary Arts at B.H.M.S.

If you had to recommend B.H.M.S. to other students or friends, which advantages/benefits would you mention?

"I would recommend B.H.M.S. to other students who would like to choose a school to study Hospitality management or Culinary Arts because of its multicultural environment, the good opportunities for internship placements and the fact that you will live in a beautiful country and you will have a lot of travel opportunities around Europe.
Also the highly qualified lecturers add a big advantage to the studies at B.H.M.S. as well as the informative courses offered."

Swiss Education

"The Bachelor degree in Culinary Arts from B.H.M.S. has given me the foundation to build an excellent career not just in culinary but in the management field in general. I acquired my knowledge from the theoretical courses which were necessary to cook at the highest level and to run a kitchen, and in my six months of industry training, I was able to put that knowledge into practical use."


"The internships offered by B.H.M.S are of the highest level and give an opportunity for students to get experience at an extremely high level of the hospitality industry, which will help them on their future careers. This is a definite advantage over students in other parts of the world."

Career Opportunities/Jobs placement

"The Industry Training presents an opportunity for students to network and form relationships with established professionals and companies that can offer them the chance to work in all over the world after their period of study."

Personal Development

"B.H.M.S. is always growing and as important the theoretical knowledge is, the same importance has the personal growth achieved by being part of the multicultural environment found at school."

Overall Experience

"B.H.M.S. has been the experience of a lifetime for me and I would and have already recommended it to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts or hospitality industry."

We are glad that Mr.Corbie had a great experience while studying Culinary Arts at B.H.M.S.

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