Taking the entrepreneurial success path!

Our alumni Bloem Mustafa Koks and Tareq Osama Mustafa, both studied hospitality management at B.H.M.S. and they became successful entrepreneurs as they opened the first purely vegan restaurant in Lucerne 3 years ago. What a great success!

The Swiss online magazine ''Zentraplus'' dedicated an article to our alumni including their success story and as a school we are very proud that B.H.M.S. helped them make their dream a reality!

Bloem and Tareq, with Dutch and Jordanian roots, met in Lucerne for study purposes and fell in love. During their studies in hospitality management, they worked in the gastronomy sector and in the hospitality industry while they gained valuable experience through the paid internships which they are part of the studies at B.H.M.S., but the idea of focusing on their own entrepreneurship did not let them go.

"We wanted something in which our heart hangs and use only regional and organic products'' said Bloem.

Taking the entrepreneurial success path!

In January 2015, they opened their own restaurant called "Blend Teahouse". It was completely furnished with the help of the entire family of the young restaurateur, who has since moved to Switzerland.

Lucerne now has a purely vegan and purely organic restaurant: the "Blend Teahouse" on the Furrengasse in Lucerne's Old Town. Quite modest and without much ado, and cooking is completely vegan.

Taking the entrepreneurial success path - Blend Teahouse Lucerne

The menus are 100 percent organic, without wheat, often without gluten and usually a sugar-free cake is on the counter. In addition, there is a large selection of cold and warm mezze from noon and also as a take-away.

The atmosphere in the cosy, it’s a multicultural family restaurant, relaxed and urban.

B.H.M.S. is immensely proud of our alumni Bloem Mustafa Koks and Tareq Osama Mustafa

B.H.M.S. is immensely proud of our alumni and we highly recommend a visit in the Blend Teehausin at the old city of Lucerne - Furrengasse 7, 6004.

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