This month, the students of the MSc in International Hospitality Business Management participated in a Specialist Seminar focused in Luxury Brands and Services Management.
It's a 3-day seminar in which the participants were introduced to the Luxury sector to learn Branding principles, key elements and techniques, as well as, to accumulate the necessary Marketing and Brand Management knowledge by working on individual and group projects.

The main scope of this themed seminar is to broaden their knowledge of the Industry, key players and best practices, and also to inform them on current market trends.


Some of the activities involved in the seminar included a visit to The Park Hotel Vitznau" HEALTH & WEALTH RESIDENCE, one of the 41 Swiss Deluxe Hotels and a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, ranking as third place on the "Most beautiful spa & wellness resorts" category. 

During this visit, the students received valuable information about the hotel branding strategy and learned useful tips and tricks which contribute to the unique customer experience offered at this hotel. They all have enjoyed the warm welcoming and the 5-star luxury experience.



Another part of the seminar included a visit to the Bally Shoe Museum, one of the three best shoe museums in the world, according to the trusted Michelin Travel Guide. The museum, once a common house where Bally's founder, Carl Franz Bally, was born and raised, is located in the city of Schönenwerd in Switzerland and houses a collection of artifacts from 3.000 B.C., ranging from paintings to shoe fragments.



This field trip was a great opportunity for the students to broaden their aesthetic knowledge, being introduced to themes such as craftsmanship, specialization, innovation and symbolism.

The MSc in International Hospitality Business Management develops students' theoretical and operational knowledge of current themes and developments in the global hospitality sector. This will allow graduates to either initiate or enhance a career in the international hospitality industry.

Other possibilities of themed seminar offered to the MSc students are:·

  • Sport & Event Marketing
  • Spa, Beauty & Wellness Management


Read more about the course and its requirements here.

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